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Admin Request: create, update, or delete Data (Records)

Knowledge Article Number 000152650

If you're making a request for creating new Records or modifying existing Records, here's the information that we need from you when you submit your case.


Important: Data Manipulation goes beyond the boundaries of Admin support. We are not permitted to modify any of the files you send us. Please also note that deleting records also deletes any associated records in a parent-child relationship.

1.  Production org or sandbox? (include your sandbox name or Org ID)

2. Would you like us to contact you before proceeding (even if requirements are clear)? We'll always contact you if something needs further explanation.

3. With which object will we be working? (for example: Accounts, Contacts, or a Custom Object)

4. Please provide us with a .csv file containing the Record IDs for any Records that need to be updated or deleted.

  • A separate .csv file needs to be provided for each object.
  • Please separate new and existing Record files.
  • Lookup fields will require a Record ID, not just the Record's Name.

5. Please specify which fields need to be updated and which field the column will be mapped to in Salesforce.

6. Specify and grant us permission to temporarily deactivate any Workflow Rules, Validation Rules or Triggers that will affect the insert or update (please be sure to note if you have already deactivated them).


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