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Admin Request: Email Template Creation

Knowledge Article Number 000152652
Admin Request for Email Template Creation
If you would like us to create an email template, please provide us with the following information:

1. In which instance will the work be performed? (Org ID if available otherwise; state Production or Sandbox name)
2. Would you like us to contact you before proceeding with work, even if all the requirements are clear? We will always contact you if something needs further explanation.
3. Which folder will the template be saved to if not the Public folder?
4. What would you like the template named?
5. Will this Email Template be checked as available for use?
6. Please provide the Description, Subject and body of the template.
7. Please specify which object and field names are to be used for merging, if any.
8. If this is for an HTML letterhead template, please provide us with the letterhead to use and the HTML Email content.
9. If images will be added (Ex. Company logo’s), please send us the image formatted to the correct size.

Note: Try to keep the image width to 600 pixels maximum, height is variable. Jpeg or Gif Image only. Optimize to 100dpi or less (web default is 72dpi).

Please note that Admin support does not support the creation or modification of any HTML or VisualForce coding.

NOTE: All of our Configuration Case Templates can be accessed on our Premier Success Plans Tool kit.
Scroll down to the section “Customize Salesforce for your Business” | Find the tile “Configuration Case Templates” | Click "Download"
Or, click directly to the Configuration Case Templates.​

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