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Search Controls in the Cloud Flow Designer

Knowledge Article Number 000159823
Description Note : This feature is available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions : Manage Flow

Resolution Search Flow

Open the flow in the Cloud Flow Designer. Then use one or more of the following options to find an element or resource in
the flow.
 On the Explorer tab, enter search text.
The Explorer tab displays only the elements and resources whose properties contain the entered text.
• Click on search icon to filter the Explorer tab contents to one type of element or resource.
To remove the filter, click on search Icon and select SEARCH ALL.
• Select Highlight Results on Canvas to dim all visible elements on the canvas other than the Explorer search or filter
• Zoom in and out as desired using the controls near the top right corner of the canvas area.
• To see the location of an Explorer item on the canvas, complete one of the following procedures.

If the Explorer item is a canvas-visible element or a screen field:

1. Hover over the item on the Explorer tab.
2. Click on search
If the Explorer item is a resource that doesn’t appear on the canvas:
1. Click the item on the Explorer tab.
2. Click the Usage tab in the Description pane.
3. Hover over an element listed on the Usage tab.
4. Click on Search icon.
The canvas shifts to display the element and momentarily highlights it.

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