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Why does the IDE time out or display a Java heap size error when I'm building a new project?

Knowledge Article Number 000163412
Description You are a Salesforce developer working in a production, sandbox or dev org. When you try to create a project in Eclipse using the plugin, even after selecting a small amount of metadata to retrieve, the IDE hangs on polling the server (*  You eventually receive the message:

"Warning occurred while fetching components::

Server processing time has exceeded limit (600 secs)

Abort operation or Continue waiting for server?"

Selecting 'Continue' and waiting further eventually throws a Java heap size limit error, and the project build fails.

Making a smaller selection of components does not have any effect. You don't have this issue when creating a project for another client.
Resolution The org that you are working on may have several, large managed packages installed.  To check if these exist, look under Setup -> App Setup -> Installed Packages.  Any packages that display an icon with a blue arrow pointing down is a managed package.

It is standard behaviour for the IDE to extract read-only copies of managed packages (as stated in our documentation here).  (Partners and AppExchange developers take note:  your managed package's code is marked as 'Hidden' in these read-only copies).

The extract can be completed if you increase the memory allowance for Eclipse and continue to wait for a the build to complete.  To expand Eclipse's memory allowance: 

- Open the eclipse.ini file in the main Eclipse folder
- Increase the -Xmx property to 1200m (this is 1.2 Gigs of RAM).
- Note:  additional memory allowance up to 2 GB and beyond may require the 64-bit edition of Eclipse and JVM

If you receive the time-out message, click Continue and eventually the build will complete.  Some users have witnessed wait times of up to 80 minutes.

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