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When is a Customer Portal Admin notified of customer self-registration failures?

Knowledge Article Number 000163414
Description When a customer attempts to self-register for the Customer Portal and an error is encountered with their registration, sometimes the Portal Administrator is notified of the error and sometimes the only notification is to the customer whose sign-up failed. What determines whether the Portal Administrator is notified of the error?
Resolution The current design is that notifications will be sent to the Customer Portal Administrator when self-registrations fail due to :

1. Creation of the Customer User will exceeded the number of available Customer Portal Licenses.

2. There are multiple existing Contacts with the email addresses the customer is trying to register.

3. The existing Contact for the customer trying to register is related to an Account where the Account Owner has no Role.

There is a difference in the error notification which will be received by the customer if self-registration fails for one of the above reasons, vs. failures for any other reason.

If the error is one that generates a notification to the Portal Admin, the customer will receive an email stating that "Your registration could not be completed due to a temporary technical issue. The portal administrator has been notified of the issue and is working to resolve it." The Portal Admin will receive an email with the cause of the error.

If the error is not one that will generate automatic notification to the Portal Admin, then the email received by the customer will state the reason for the error and will advise the customer to contact the Portal Admin if assistance is needed.

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