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Why can I not see the App Setup menu in Setup?

Knowledge Article Number 000163443
Description The App Setup page is accessed by clicking Your Name | Setup | App Setup.  If your user is unable to see the App Setup section in the setup sidebar then they are missing the 'View Setup and Configuration’ permission.  The visibility of the App Setup menu is controlled by the system permission 'View Setup and Configuration’.  In order to actually use App Setup to change anything in your user will need the 'Customize Application' permission.  Please see the following help article for an overview of the user permissions,

Resolution The user who needs to be able to see the App Setup menu will need to be assigned a profile or permission set which has the 'View Setup and Configuration’ system permission enabled.  Optionally you can enable the 'View Setup and Configuration’ permission on the user's current profile, but that will enable the 'View Setup and Configuration’ permission for all users assigned to that profile.  Please see the following articles for an overview of profiles and permission sets,

Profile overview

Permission sets

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