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Prevent Lead Owner Change

Knowledge Article Number 000170713
Description If you are looking for a way to prevent certain users from changing the Owner on Lead records, this is best accomplished through the use of Validation Rules.  A validation rule can be created on the Lead object that prevents the change when the OwnerID is changed by a specific Profile.
Resolution Below are the steps for setting up this type of Validation Rule:

1. Obtain the Profile ID for the profile you wish to restrict from making changes

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2. Click on Your Name | Setup | Customize | Leads* | Validation Rules

3. Click on "New" to create a new Validation Rule

4. Input the following formula into the Error Condition Formula field, being sure to replace the 15-digit ProfileID with the relevant one from your org.

     AND(ISCHANGED( OwnerId ), $User.ProfileId = '

5. Be sure to define both a Rule Name and Error Message (required) for the rule.  Click "Save" when you are finished.

To test the Validation Rule, have the user login and try to Save a change to the Lead Owner.

*NOTE: This type of validation rule can be created for any object.  In this example, we are simply using Leads.

****NOTE: This type of Validation will ONLY work with single record Transfer as Validation Rules DO NOT evaluate on the Mass Transfer of records. Should you wish to prevent the Mass Transfer of Ownership, a Custom APEX Solution would need to be leveraged. 

For more information on Validation Rules, please see the following article from Help & Training: About Validation Rules

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