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Reset your Radian6 password

Knowledge Article Number 000170716

Whether your Radian6 password has expired or you need to update it for security reasons (or for any other reason), these steps will help you set a new password.



  • All new passwords must meet the password requirements listed at the end of this article.
  • If you need to change your Social Studio password, learn how using our "Getting Started with Social Studio: Reset Password" documentation.
  • Radian6 passwords expire every 60 days. You'll receive a notification email 3 days before your password expires with a page where you can enter a new password. If you don't reset your password before it expires you'll be prompted to reset your password the next time you log in.
  • Engagement Console-only users: You'll be able to reset your password with these steps then launch the Engagement Console to login with your new password.


Reset your password from the Radian6 login page


1. Click Forgot Password on the Radian6 login page (or on the Engagement Console login screen)

2. Enter your username (this is generally your email address).

3. Click Finish to generate a password reset email sent to the email address associated with your username.

4. In the email you receive, click Click here to go to the password reset page.

5. Enter a new password.

6. In the "Verify Password" field, re-enter your new password.

7. Click Finish.


Reset your password from within the Analysis Dashboard


1. Log in to the Analysis Dashboard.

2. Go to Configuration | Account Details.

3. Click Change Password.

4. Enter your current password, your new password, and the new password again to verify it.

5. Click Save to apply your new password.


Reset using a password expiration email link

If you've received the Radian6 password expiration email, click the link contained in the email to go to the password reset page. Once there, enter your current password, new password, and then re-enter your new password verify it.


Radian6 password requirements

All Radian6 passwords must meet each of the following requirements:

  • Between 8-15 characters
  • Include both letters and numbers
  • Include 3 of the following 4 attributes:
    • 1 upper case character
    • 1 lower case character
    • 1 numeral
    • 1 special character:
      • ! # $ % - _ = + < > @ & *
  • Cannot be one of your previous 3 passwords
  • Cannot contain your username, first name, or last name

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