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Mobile SDK: Trialforce org does not allow for successful login of Hydrid Mobile app

Knowledge Article Number 000170717
Description Customers may build custom mobile apps against a normal salesforce or platform organization but then move it to a Trialforce org for better distribution. However, once moving to a Trialforce org, the domain changes and login domain might not be recognized. Developers could see an error message such as:
Whitelist Rejection
By default, this list only includes the salesforce and domains. If the customer wishes to allow other domains outside of this, they will need to add those domains (e.g. to the app's whitelist file.

** Cordova.plist (for apps using Mobile SDK version 1.3 and greater)

** PhoneGap.plist (for apps on a Mobile SDK version less than 1.3). 

Customers should be able to add the domain to the plist file and ensure successful logins for all users against the Trialforce orgs.

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