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About Local Name fields

Knowledge Article Number 000170719
Description What are Local Name fields and how are they used? 
What are local fields?

They are additional standard fields that allow a translated version of text fields to be manually defined.

It allows you to specify the original or translated name of an Account, Contact, or Lead. This name will be appended on search results and can be used to search for that particular record, allowing you to have two names for the same record. This is helpful when you need some users to search for records using either their local name or translated name.

It allows you to categorize records for filtering and reporting purposes.

How to enable local fields?

This feature is enabled by default.
Note: If you don't see the fields when following the steps on the "
What do I need to do after activation?" section please create a case with Salesforce Support to make sure the feature is active for your Organization.

What fields can have a Local Name?

Local Name fields are only available for:
  • Account Name (Local) 
  • Contact: First Name (Local) 
  • Contact: Last Name (Local) 
  • Lead: Company Name (Local) 
  • Lead: First Name (Local) 
  • Lead: Last Name (Local) 

What do I need to do after activation?

Local Name fields are not visible by default. 

They should be manually added to the page layout: Name | Setup | Customize | Choose the Object | Page Layout | Click Edit on your Page Layout | Drag-and-drop the Local field to the record section | Save.

Once added, they should be made visible via Field-Level Security: Name | Setup | Security Controls | Field Accessibility | Choose the Object | View By Fields | Choose the Local Name field | Make it visible to the desired profiles | Save

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