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Salesforce for Outlook login screen is blank

Knowledge Article Number 000170753
Description After Salesforce for Outlook installation, the setup wizard will load but it will show as a blank pop-up.

This problem could be cause by scripting being blocked in Internet Explorer or none optimal Cookie settings. Please try the following to resolve:

1. Navigate to:

  • Tools - Internet Options - Security -  and here select the Internet 
  • Next click Custom Level and scroll down the window find the Enable active scripting and select this box
  • Click OK box twice to approve changes and exit the tools
  • Open the Salesforce for Outlook Settings by right clicking on the Salesforce for Outlook icon in the system tray and then clicking on Settings and see if the login screen pops up.
2. If  #1 doesn't help return top Tools - Internet options - Security and click "Reset all zones to default level" then click OK
  • Test again.

3. To set the Optimal cookie settings:

  1. Click on Internet Options and select Privacy tab.
  2. Ensure that slider is not set to "Block All Cookies".  If it is, you can click on the "default" button.
  3. Click on "Sites" button.
  4. On "Address of website" enter: and click Allow.
  5. Click on the OK to close the “Per Site Privacy Options” window.
  6. Next click on the “Advanced” button.
  7. If “Override automatic cookie handling” is checked, make sure “Accept” is selected for both “First-party cookies” and “Third-party cookies”.
  8. Now click on the OK to close the “Advanced Privacy Options” window.
  9. Finally click on the OK to close the “Internet Options” window.
  10. Open the Salesforce for Outlook setup wizard by right clicking on the Salesforce for Outlook icon in the system icon try and select Settings.
NOTE:  If you are authenticating with Salesforce using SAML and experience a blank pop-up or other error in the displayed pop-up please check with your administrator to ensure that the correct Relay State and Relay State encoding are being passed to your authentication server.


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