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Salesforce for Outlook sync error, "You have one or more Outlook sync folders, missing. If the location of your sync folders changed, select the folders in Salesforce for outlook setting"

Knowledge Article Number 000170809

This message comes up when you are Outlook with Exchange in a non-cache mode environment, meaning there is no data file on the machine for Outlook and SFO to access and Outlook needs to be connected to their mail server at all time for SFO to work. So SFO is working fine and as soon as the connection with the mail server goes down, SFO would lose the sync folder and when connection is established, SFO will pop up that same error message.


Resolution You can fix this by putting Outlook in a cache mode by doing the following:

1.  Select "File"
2.  Next to Info >> select "Account Settings"
3.  Select "Account Settings"
4.  Double click on the Email Account you are using / default email Account
5.  Make sure "Use Exchange Cache Mode" is checked

If the Email Account is already in Cache mode, then do the following:

1. Close Salesforce for Outlook plug-in (right-click on the "Salesforce for Outlook" at the bottom right next to the system tray clock) and select "Exit" and close Outlook as well.
2. Navigate to:

Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users:    %AppData%\Roaming\

Windows XP users:                       %ApplicationData%\


Note: Appdata or Application Data is usually a hidden folder. To display hidden files and folders, please go to the appropriate link:
Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users:
Windows XP:

3. In the folder, rename the Salesforce for Outlook to OLD Salesforce for Outlook
4. Re-launch Salesforce for Outlook 
5. In the System Tray at the bottom right corner of your screen, right-click on the SFO icon and click on Settings
6. Enter your Salesforce credentials to login
7. Click on Login and click on Allow
8. click on Next and complete the wizard


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