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Roll up summary field for List price

Knowledge Article Number 000170827
Description I am trying to do a roll up summary on quote line items. I am trying to summarize the List price, but you only give the option to Summarize Sales Price, Discount and Quantity. Why can't I summarize the List price?
Resolution The list price is not an option for the roll up as it is a field on products (remember that cross object fields cannot be used for roll-ups).

How can you work around that?

1. Create a custom field on quote line items (this will be used instead of the standard list price). Data Type should be Number

2. Create a workflow rule on quote line items where:

Quote Line Item: Created DateNOT EQUAL TOnull (just to have it always triggering)

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and every time it’s edited

3. Create an immediate action for it where:

the field to update is the new custom field created on step 1.
Field data type is a Number

On the step called Specify New Field Value select the option: Use a formula to set the new value where the field is PricebookEntry.UnitPrice (standard list price)

4. Now you can create the roll-up summary field on quotes, the option to see the custom list price will be available.

Note: Please remember the workflow will work for the new records and those existing that are edited.

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