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Email to Case: Message date on email and Case creation date differ

Knowledge Article Number 000170844
Description Email from user sent to Routing address on 11/11/2012 but the case was created only on 11/13/2012. The email message date (received date)  displays 11/11/2012.
Refer screenshot below for more information:

User-added image
  • Check Email logs for the email received date and make sure there are no discrepancies. 
  • Check with the user if they received the email on the mailbox associated with the routing address, on the date specified in the 'Message Date' or  'Created Date'.
  • If the mailbox is set to auto-forward emails without saving a copy or if the email receipt date matches the Case creation date, then the error is with the Message date, though the email would have been sent on the same date and time as the Case Creation Date.
It is because, in the email message record, the "Message Date" is taken from the message headers, which may or may not be correct, as this represents the date and time settings of the sender's computer (or email server). 
Any correction made, has to be performed on the user's machine or Email server to reflect the correct date and time.

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