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Can I set up the default dashboard on the home page for my users?

Knowledge Article Number 000170918
Description There is a section on the Home tab in Classic where the snapshot of a Dashboard's first row appears. How do I set up which dashboard will appear by default on the home page for my users?
Resolution At this time, System Administrators are not able to assign a dashboard to a Home tab page layout in the Classic interface

Instead, each Users may select a dashboard by clicking on the Customize Page link in the top right corner of the Dashboard section of the Home tab and then selecting an appropriate dashboard.

An Idea exists on the Idea Exchange regarding this: Assign Default Dashboard on Home Page Layout

The Idea has been marked as Delivered in Summer '16, see You Asked for It!, it has been delivered for our new Lightning Experience interface.

It is now possible to create different Home Pages, and assign them to different Profiles. On the Lightning Experience Home pages, you are able to add separate Report Charts, instead of a complete Dashboard, giving more flexibility.

See these topics in the Summer '16 Release Notes:
Create and Edit Lightning Experience Home Pages
Home: Customize Home for Different User Profiles (Generally Available)


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