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How can I report on users that have granted login access?

Knowledge Article Number 000170922
Description Hello, I'm looking for a report that can show me which users have granted log in access for Admin's and when they did this. I cannot find this feature in SFDC.
Can you please advise if its possible to get this information?
Resolution In order to create this type of report, please follow the instructions below:

- Click on the reports tab, click New Report.

- In the Quick Find type Users, select it and click Create.

- In the quick find in the Preview Pane, search for the field Login Access Exp. Date and Admin Access Exp. Date, below are the explanations:

Admin Access Exp. Date - Your internal System Administrator support
Login Access Exp. Date - Support.

- Add a filter as follows: Admin Access Exp. Date greater than "TODAY"

You can determine when the login access was granted by searching on the Setup Audit trail, but this information is currently not available via reports.

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