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Why the system is defaulting a primary Contact Role in a new opportunity?

Knowledge Article Number 000171034
Description Every new opportunity is defaulting the same contact as primary in the contact role related list.
Resolution On non-profit organizations you will find a Trigger on Opportunities, this trigger causes a Contact to be assigned by Default to New Opportunities (in order to calculate the custom rollups).

To change this system behavior, you can:
  • Go to the All Tabs Tab by clicking the plus icon (+) next to the main tabs
  • Click on Households Settings
  • Access the Rollups tab
  • Click Edit and Edit the Roll Up settings checkbox field called "Always Rollup to Primary Contact" and Click Save.

Note: when you disable the "Always Rollup to Primary Contact" checkbox this will stop the functionality of the Roll ups on the Non Profit Household Package.

In order to change this without affecting the functionality you can go to and post this as an idea.

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