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Posts fail to send or import in ConversationBuddy

Knowledge Article Number 000171041
Access tokens are keys of entry to Facebook that allows you to post content out using ConversationBuddy and import content back in. When a token expires, you cannot make posts out to the Facebook fan page through ConversationBuddy or import content in from the Facebook fan page. Because the content cannot be imported, filters (such rules to auto delete) will not work.

Your Facebook Fan Page access token may need to be reauthorized for various reasons including:
  • The password of  the fan page administrator is changed
  • Facebook has changed the session for security reasons
  • A user has their page administrator access revoked

Anyone that is an Administrator for the specific Fan Page and also has Buddy Media access to the client that contains the Facebook Fan Page can re-authorize the token. Reauthorization does not need to be completed by the original user that set up the Facebook Fan Page in the Buddy Media Suite.

Follow these steps to view why Facebook posts may have failed and to reauthorize your access token.  

View failed posts

1. Navigate to ConversationBuddy in your Buddy Media channel.
2. Click on the Outbox icon. 
3. The number of failed posts is displayed on the right. Click the "Failed Posts" message to view the posts and the details of the error. 
To view failed posts from a specific date, select the date from the calendar on the left. When the error relates to an expired Facebook token, the following message shows:

"Error validating access token: Session does not match current stored session. This may be because the user changed the password since the time the session was created or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons"


Reauthorize your Facebook token

Note: Before you reauthorize your Facebook fan page in Buddy Media, make sure you are logged into Facebook in the same browser with an account that is an administrator for the fan page. 

1. Click your name in the top right corner of your Buddy Media Channel.
2. Click Social Accounts.
3. Locate the Facebook page in the list of available profiles to reauthorize the token. 
Profiles with an expired token are indicated by a red icon next to the profile name.
4. Click ReAuthorize to the right of the of the Facebook Page name to reauthorize the token.

Once your access token is reauthorized, you can import content to and post from ConversationBuddy for the Facebook Page. 

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