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Buddy Media - ConversationBuddy - Seeded Messages vs Messages Needing Approval

Knowledge Article Number 000171047
Description What is the difference between a seeded message and a message waiting for approval?
Messages that are Waiting for Approval in the Outbox are created by users that do not have publishing permission. If you do not have publishing permission, choose Submit after creating a new message to submit it for approval. 

Seeded messages are created and submitted as a suggested post to users that have publishing permission on other social profiles. Choose Seed instead of Send Now after creating a new message to suggest it to other users.The message is not published until it is approved by a user that has publishing permission for the profile. Seeded messages are located in the Outbox under Seeded. Learn more about how to seed posts here.

Email notifications for each specify if the message is submitted for approval or if it is a seeded message. 

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