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How are the fields Vote Value, Vote Total and Vote Score calculated?

Knowledge Article Number 000171077
Description These fields are not showing in the Ideas Object or fields, but when I run a report of Ideas these fields are showing and I would like to know how are they calculated: Vote Value, Vote Total and Vote Score.
Resolution The following is some basic information for the fields Vote Value, Vote Total and Vote Score from the Ideas Report:

- Vote Value: The amount of absolute points added per vote to the Vote Total. This is fix at 10 and currently cannot be change.

- Vote Total: The total number of absolute points, determined by the Vote Value multiplied by the number of times users have voted on a given idea. This is the point value displayed in the user interface next to the Vote button.

- Vote Score: Represents the relative ranking of ideas between each other. Derived over time taking into account the defined half-life. The general concept is that as the number of days defined by the half-life setting passes, the calculation executes and the Vote Score drops accordingly or decays in importance relative to new votes. A smaller half-life value will cause the Vote Score to drop quicker, while a higher half-life setting will cause the Vote Score to drop slower (as the formula for calculating Vote Score will not be executed as often).


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