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Why is "type" field in activity history does not show "Email" when an email is added by Salesforce for Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000171123
Description When adding an email to Salesforce using the  Salesforce for Outlook "Add Email" button in Outlook the email gets added to Contacts, Leads, Accounts etc as a Task.   Unlike using the Salesforce for Outlook side panel the Task that is created doesn't display at Task type.  This can be worked around by creating Email as the default value for the Task type field.  Note: when creating Tasks that are not from emails users will have to set the correct Task type field on the record created.
Resolution To set "Email" as the default value for  the "Task Type" field. Please follow the click path below.
1. Log in as a Salesforce administrator
2. Click on Name | Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Fields.
3. Navigate and click on the "Type" field.
4. In the Task Type Picklist Values area click New  and add "Email".
5. Save the new value 
6. Edit the field value just created and check the "Make this value the default for the master picklist"

Now, if an email is added using the Add Email button to a Salesforce record, the email listed under activity history of the record will show the value "Email" in the "Type" field.


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