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Mail Merge documents emails not being received

Knowledge Article Number 000171128
Description Issue:

After you generate a Mail Merge Document, you see a message letting you know that an email will be sent to you with the Mail Merge Document attached; however this email is not being received.
Resolution One of the common reason why the email with the Mail Merge template is not being received, is due to the fact that the document was never generated, so to confirm that follow the steps below:
  1. Click on Your Name / Build / Customize / User Interface 
  2. Under the Advanced section, check Always save Extended Mail Merge documents to the Document tab ​
    • When this checkbox is selected, all mail merge documents generated using Extended Mail Merge are added to the user's personal documents folder on the Documents tab, rather than delivered as email attachments. Users are sent confirmation emails when their mail merge requests have completed.
  3. Create a test Mail Merge Document 
  4. Click on Documents and under My documents, you should see the test Mail Merge Document you just created. 
  5. Once this is done, please attempt to run test again and verify that the Mail Merge Document is generated and saved under the Documents Tab. 
  6. You can disable  the Always save Extended Mail Merge documents to the Document tab, if you prefer to receive an email with the Mail Merge Document attached.

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