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Increase Workflow Rules per object limit

Knowledge Article Number 000171161


By default, each object (or entity) is limited to 50 Active Workflow Rules. If you need more, you can request an increase of up to 300 Active Workflow Rules. Here's how to make a request and what you'll need to consider before you contact support:



Limits that can't be increased


  • Inactive Workflow Rules - Limited to 500
  • Total Workflow Rules per org - Limited to 2,000 (Applies to any combination of active or inactive workflow, assignment, auto-response, and escalation rules. Includes Processes created via Process Builder)


How to request an increase


Keep in mind - When your limit is increased, record saving performance can be noticeably impacted since your record will need to be checked against more rules to see if one applies.

 1. Confirm that your organization is either Developer, Enterprise, Performance, Professional, or Unlimited edition:

 1. Click Setup
 2. Select Company Profile | Company Information
 3. Check the Organization Edition field

 2. Have your administrator submit a support case, including the limit increase amount and business reason for the increase. Support will review the case and action it accordingly.

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