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Refreshing a dashboard throws an error about one or more fields selected in component being no longer available

Knowledge Article Number 000171168
Description Some users might be getting the Error: "One or more of the fields selected in the component is no longer available in the report. Use the dashboard component editor to select one of the available fields" when refreshing a dashboard, most likely when changing the running user or when the dashboard is dynamic.

This Error occurs when the Running User of the Dashboard does not have access to one or more fields that are present in the Dashboard.

One example is a Custom Summary Formula that is referencing two fields:  Amount:Sum + Custom_Field_c:Sum

If the user does not have access to either one of these fields, the user will experience the error when refreshing the dashboard.
Resolution •Check the fields in the report that is used in the Dashboard such as the fields referenced in the Custom summary fields.

•Go to Setup > Customize > Object (where the field in the report is located) > Fields

•Click the field that you used in the Dashboard and click Field Level Security.

•Check visible for the Profile of the Running user of the Dashboard.

•Click Save.

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