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Adding images to records as Profile images.

Knowledge Article Number 000171173
Description You can create Rich Text Area Fields to add an image into a record as profile picture, and move it to any place into the record by modifying the page layout.
Resolution To add a custom Rich Text Area Field:

   1. Navigate to the field’s area of the appropriate object:
  • For standard objects, click Your Name | Setup | App Setup| Customize, select the appropriate object, and click Fields.
  • For custom task and event fields, click Your Name | Setup | App Setup |Customize | Activities | Activity Custom Fields.
  • For custom objects, click Your Name | Setup | App Setup| Create | Objects, and select one of the custom objects in the list.
   2. Click New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section of the page.

Step 1. Choose the field type
Data type: Text Area (Rich)

Step 2. Enter the details
Name of the field

Step 3. Establish field-level security for profiles

Step 4. Add to page layouts you want.

Finally, when the field is created, you can go to the record and in the field click the icon ¨Insert Image¨and choose the image from your computer directly.

If your organization is using Social Contacts, Click Show Photo in Salesforce to display the contact's profile picture on the contact detail page. When Social Key finds a LinkedIn handle for a contact, it automatically displays that image on the contact’s detail page.

For more details, click View and Associate Social Network Profiles

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