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Email Approval Response doesn't seem to be working

Knowledge Article Number 000171177
Description  The Email Approval Response doesn't seem to be working. The email seems to be going back to the sender instead of the email approval engine.
Resolution The Email Approval Response Feature of the approval process only works on the email sent from Approval Assignment Email Template.

Check if you are sending your reply to the correct email address. To check this just click on the reply button and check the "To" field of your email if it is the correct email it will show a long  computer generated email address ( the  Email Approval Response service email address ).

If you are replying to the wrong email you will see the sender's email address.

To fix this make sure you are setting the correct email template for the approval on the "Approval Assignment Email Template" field on the approval process. Then the approver will respond to the correct email.


The Enable Email Approval Response must be enabled so that the long computer generated email address is visible when replying to the email.

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