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Why don't the manually assigned colors in a Picklist field's picklist value match?

Knowledge Article Number 000171182
Description Normally, the chart will show the assigned colors for the picklist values.
However, for instance where the colors of the chart does not match the manually assigned colors of the picklist values, the most common explanation is because the "Color-Blind Palette on Charts" feature is enabled for the user.

Color-Blind Palette on Charts - Indicates whether the option to set an alternate color palette for charts has been enabled. The alternate palette has been optimized for use by color-blind users.
You need to disable this feature on the user-detail page so that the chart color will match the manually assigned colors of the picklist values.

To disable "Color-Blind Palette on Charts" feature:

1. Go to Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information.
2. Click on Edit.
3. Look for "Color-Blind Palette on Charts".
4. Untick the checkbox
5. Save.

Disabling the Color-Blind Palette on Charts should now allow users to view the manually assigned colors per picklist value on any given field. 

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