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Online Course Completion: Salesforce Training

Knowledge Article Number 000171194

Course Completion: Salesforce Training: Here are some tips for completing an online training course in Help.

1) Use the Navigation Tabs to Track Training Progress
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Find a Course: Browse the Catalog and launch course modules.
Learning Paths: Groups of courses that have been arraigned for ease of completion.
My Training: View your training transcript of all completed and in progress courses.

2) View Every Page to Complete a Module and View Every Module to Complete a Course
Every course module includes a course outline. To successfully complete a module, be sure to view every page. Some courses include multiple modules. To successfully complete a course, launch and complete every module. After you complete a module, go to the “My Training” tab to launch the next module. 

Note: After viewing all slides within a module, “Course Complete” will appear on the play bar.

  • Page titles in Black have been viewed.
  • Page titles in Grey have not yet been viewed.
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Note: Modules will not reflect an In Progress or Completed Status.  Status values are only used on courses.  Example - When taking a series of modules under a given course, a Status is not displayed next to a partially or fully completed module.

3) View Your Transcript in My Training 
When you have completed every module, the course is complete. Update from "In Progres" to “Complete". Also in the "My Training" tab you can review any module, print a certificate of completion, or export your transcript. Please note that you may have to change the picklist value from In Progress to Completed in order to view the certificates of your completed training.
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Resolution Tips and Best Practices
  • Every module ends with a slide that displays our link to To finish, simply close the window.
  • Do not close the “Launch” page until you have closed the course window.
  • After you complete a module or course, you may need to refresh your screen to update the Track My Training “Status” field..
  • If you receive the following error message “unable to acquire LMS API...” Close your browser windows, completely, and re-launch the course.
  • Make sure to take the latest version of the training through Help & Training | Take Training | Start a new search for courses. Select the training course you want to take. Check the training module is the latest year/release by reading the description. Should you see comments referring to an older release, this may not be the course you're looking for.
If the course still does not complete, please log a case with Salesforce support

Minimum system requirements:
Java (JRE) Flash (version 10 or higher) Internet browser configurations
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Session cookies enabled
  • Popups are enabled (Disable popup blocking)

 Please Note:  It might be best to use the Mozilla Firefox as your Internet browser when taking training, if you have tried the steps above with Google Chrome  & Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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