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Salesforce for Outlook Silent Installation

Knowledge Article Number 000171217
Description Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) silent installation

SFO MSI deployment, installations and uninstallations are out of scope of Salesforce Support and should be performed by a knowledgeable IT resource

This article is provided as a reference point on the available options with our SFO MSI installer only and is not meant as a comprehensive guide on deployment or silent installations

A failed Salesforce For Outlook installation using the .EXE or MSI files could be related to various of reasons that may exist on the computer.

Resolution Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) .MSI Installation either manually or by automation method

Requirements: Prerequisites are needed before installing the SFO

The following 4 prerequisites must be installed with a local admin or a system account. They're installed automatically when you use the .EXE format of the SFO installer.

SFO MSI must be installed as the end user (This Applies to SFO version between 2.5.x and 2.7.x).

Also note that the SFO version between 2.5.x and 2.7.x get installed as Per-User and NOT Per-Machine and if you plan on upgrading to SFO 2.8 make sure to use the Me Only installation option (as known as Per User) or uninstall the installed version of SFO first manually (Each end user must login to Windows and uninstall it from the Control Panel and log off) and then Local Administrator or Local IT can deploy the SFO 2.8 for everyone using the Per Machine option.

See the Salesforce for Outlook - SFO 2.8 - Summer 15 Installation changes for more information. SFO version 2.8 Per User option cannot be installed using the System account.
  • VSTO - Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 2010
    Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office system (Version 4.0 Runtime)
    This only installs the bitness matching your Operating System. If you have Windows 7 64bit, then you only need to push out or install the 64bit MSI. The downloaded file is in the .EXE format and you can use the /Extract switch to get the MSI version.

  • PIA - Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) redistributable package for your version of Microsoft Outlook. This is already packaged with our SFO .EXE version and your can extract it. The PIA is only needed if you have Outlook 2007 or 2010
Please note that these links are from Microsoft's websites and are not provided by Salesforce. If at anytime the links are moved or do not work, you can always search for the links on the web or on Microsoft website.

How to use the /Extract switch
1- Click on Start and type in CMD
2- Once you see the CMD in the application list, right click on it and click on Run as Administrator
3- In the Command Prompt navigate to the directory that contains the executable file (the .exe) such as SalesforceForOutlook.exe or vstor_redist.exe (VSTO downloaded file) and use the command below:
SalesforceforOutlook.exe /extract  

1- Lets assume you have downloaded the VSTO  - vstor_redist.exe  file in the c:\setup folder
2- In the Command Prompt type in   CD \setup  and press Enter
3- Then the prompt should change to the new location that contains the vstor_redist.exe file
4- Type in vstor_redist.exe /Extract and press enter
5- A windows will pop up and will show you the extraction process
6- Open that folder and you should see many files and folders there, including the MSI version of the VSTO

To perform a silent install via the command line for the SFO .msi installer the following command should be entered:

"msiexec /quiet /qn /i SalesforceForOutlook.msi /L*v install.log"  This one will also generate logs

msiexec /i "SalesforceForOutlook.msi" /quiet also works for quiet install
You can also specify the installation Type for using the .MSI installer. Again by default the SFO 2.8 installs the application for everyone (Per Machine) but you can change this using the MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1 in the Command line.
msiexec /i SalesforceForOutlook.msi /log SalesforceForOutlook.log /quiet MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1

Please see the Release Notes for more information

For more information about Command line switches and MSI installation, you can refer to Advanced installer's website


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