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Is it possible to set the "From" field on Workflow Email Alerts?

Knowledge Article Number 000171303
Description I have a workflow email alert and I want our company email to be used in the "From" field.  Can we update the email that is displayed as the sender?
Resolution On email alerts, we can set the From email address as one of the following:
  • Current User's email address - This is the user that caused the workflow rule to fire.
  • Default Workflow User's email address - The Default Workflow User is specified here: From Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Process Automation Settings
  • An Organization-Wide Address - These are listed here: From Setup > Email Administration > Organization-Wide Addresses

In order to use a company email address, it must first be created as an Organization-Wide Address and verified.  The steps to set this up can be found in Help & Training, under Set Up Organization-Wide Email Addresses

NOTE:  An Organization-Wide Address will not be available until the confirmation email has been verified.

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