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Salesforce Classic Lite dataset considerations

Knowledge Article Number 000171355
Description SF Classic Lite does have restrictions on what and how data becomes available via the Mobile client (How do you deploy 'Self-Hosted' download of the Mobile Client for iOS and Android). 
SF Classic Lite does NOT make all Salesforce data immediately visible on the device. Rather, data will be delivered to the device over time and the data delivered for each individual user is unique, based on their specific interaction with Salesforce proper (online/desktop).

The data that is immediately visible on the device is primarily determined by:

- User’s web-site activity or Most Recent Used records (MRUs). Once a user touches a record (creates, edits, or views detail) on the web-site, the record is delivered to and visible on the device.
- From device, user explicitly searching for and retrieving record from the server. Then once user drills into (views detail) of a specific search result, the record is delivered to and visible on the device. This also includes automatic "courtesy" updates of Parent records of delivered records.

At first mobile users may see a limited device data set, however, the data visible on the device should grow significantly (over time) based off of the user’s web-site activity and searching. ***So if you don't see an (Account, Contact, etc.) that you need, just leverage the search capability that the mobile app provides and "Continue search on server" (iOS/Andr) 

For mobile users who have recently had record visibility changed, they may wish to clear as much out of the local database as possible once it becomes non applicable. i.e. reps who are switching regions

Run through the following steps in order to clear out the local dataset of records they will no longer need to access.
Steps: for iOS client
-          Login to mCRM client
-          Click on more… button and select AppInfo
-          Click on CLEAR DATA and then Clear Searched Records
This will clear any records which were pulled down to the mCRM client via a search i.e. search the server for more. Also keep in mind that the users can simply login online and open up the accounts that they will need for the day or week and those records will be synced down to the mCRM client as part of the Most Recent Used items (MRU).

Once again, Mobile Lite dataset is ONLY: 
1) Most Recent Used records online 
2) Activities and Related parent records for next 30 days (5 days prior) 
3) Parent records of any record searched for via Lite client 
4) Searched for (and opened) records locally from device client 

Please search the application help on “Mobile Lite” and “Default Mobile Configuration” for more detail.

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