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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Copying Dashboards

Knowledge Article Number 000171449
Description Dashboards can be copied to other users within the same account. All widgets within the dashboard and the dashboard title will be copied to the other user.  Alerts, Reports and any minimized widgets will not be copied.
To copy a dashboard, please keep the following requirements in mind:
  • The dashboard must have at least one open widget
  • The widgets must be configured using active (non-trial) topic profiles that the user(s) receiving the dashboard has visibility of. You can change the visibility of your topic profile(s) by following the steps outlined here.
  • If the user(s) receiving the copied dashboard is currently using all of the twelve available dashboards, they will need to delete one of them in order to accept the new dashboard.

Copy Dashboard

1. Log into the Analysis Dashboard
2. Select the Dashboard you would like to copy.
3. Click the Cog located on the top right of the Dashboard.
4. Choose Copy Dashboard.
5. Select the User(s) you would like the dashboard copied to. You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to copy your dashboard to another user.
6. The user(s) will receive a message next time they log in that will prompt them to Accept Copied Dashboard.
7.The user(s) will click "Accept copied Dashboard from [Username]." If a message was written, it will appear with this prompt. 
8. Click Accept.

They will now be able to view and manage the copied dashboard. It will be inserted as the next available dashboard. Example: If the user(s) has five open dashboards, the copied dashboard will be dashboard six. 


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