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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - How to Change Ownership of a Topic Profile

Knowledge Article Number 000171452
Description Follow the below steps to change the ownership of a Topic Profile within the Analysis Dashboard. Keep in mind the ownership of a Topic Profile within the Analysis Dashboard, can only be completed by the current owner of the profile.

Topic profile ownership change

1. Login to the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard
2. Click Configuration tab located at the top of the Dashboard
3. Select Topic Profiles and click on the Topic Profile from the list in the left column.
4. From the Topic Profile Details Page, select the arrow to open the drop down Menu in the Topic Profile Owner section. Scroll through and highlight the username of the new selected owner of the profile. Note: If the Topic Profile is private, you will not be able to transfer the ownership; the Topic Profile must be public in order to change ownership.
5. Click Save. This profile has been updated to the new owner.

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