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How to ensure your Salesforce Certifications are properly tracked and associated to the correct company

Knowledge Article Number 000171457
Description You can ensure your certifications are properly tracked to the partner account and service listing and also update your information to reflect your current employer by following these steps:
Resolution 1. Login to your Webassessor account.

2. GoTo "edit profile" at the top of the page.

3. In the field below "Are you a:" list yourself as a "SFDC Partner" rather than "SFDC Customer" if you are a partner.
   or if you are a Salesforce employee then choose "SFDC Employee" on your Webassessor profile.

4. In the "Company Name" field confirm your company name is correct, If changing companies, simply amend your company name to reflect your current employer.

NOTE: Webassessor data is updated on a weekly basis. Certifications will not be linked to a partner account or service listing until this weekly upload is completed.

If for any reason after 1 week the certification is not being properly associated to your partner account, please log a ticket within the partner portal.

If you are having any issues in changing your profile details or you are not sure about your current certifications then please email

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