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Few questions related to Sites Maximum Page View Limits :-
Question 1). Will site be inaccessible due to Excess Monthly Page Views?

Answer :- Refer to Section '2b' in the following link to know when Sites get disabled due to Excess Monthly Page Views :-

Question 2). Can T3 raise the limits for any customer org? 

Answer :- T3 can only increase the Site Request Time and Site Bandwidth limit for 2 weeks with R&D approval if customer provides a suitable business reason. T3 CAN NOT increase the Number of 
Monthly Page Views. Support can also reset the 24 hour usage limit for Request Bandwidth and request time. It is generally done when site hits the limit and their site is completely down.
Since T3 isn't able to increase the Page View Limit, Sales Ops can increase Page Views per Month limit with the approval of Sales Team.

Question 3). Is there anything a customer can do to prevent web traffic from a certain site from hitting their Salesforce site pages?

Answer :- You can prevent search engines from finding VFP on Sites by referring to the following mentioned solution :-

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