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Single IDP user linked with multiple salesforce user from same Org.

Knowledge Article Number 000171474
Description Scenario :

1. You have SSO setup for Service cloud console and Portal users. 

2. Single user has access to both portals through different username , however, while logging in through SSO users only provide credentials for your IDP . 

3. You want that the users should be directed to correct documents/ links while accessing data through bookmarks.
Resolution As per current process, standard URL do not have any information for the Portal or Interface user is logged in from, hence not possible through standard bookmarks until we create a separate  IDP user for each salesforce user.

Workaround : 

Is to add a additional parameter to IDP URL in the SSO Settings, with information regarding the portal so that the IDP could identify which user id to use for SSO when user clicks on a bookmark. 

Secondly, you can also make separate directories for documents in Org so that the document URL can provide information regarding which portal to direct to, to IDP when user clicks on the document link through a mail.

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