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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Changing Visibility of a Source Filter

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Below are the steps for changing the visibility of a Source Filter within the Analysis Dashboard. Source Filter visibility can be set to "Public", "Private" or "Project".


Source Filter Visibility Options

When a source filter is set to 'Private' visibility, only the owner of the filter is able to access it and make modifications to the sources.  To enable all users in your Client Environment to have access to the source filter, you will need to change the visibility settings from 'Private' to 'Public'.

The source filter will be accessible to all users within the Client Environment. However, only the owner of the Source Filter is permitted to make modifications to its sources.

This allows only a specified set of users to access the source filter. A "Project" (selected set of users) can be created in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard within the "Configuration" > "Projects" window.


How to change Source Filter Visibility

In the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard, access the Manage Source Filters window.

1. Login to the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard.
2. From the Dashboard select the Configuration tab.
3. Select Source Filters.
4. Select the Source Filter from the list on the left.
5. Using the Visibility drop down menu, select the desired visibility.
6. Click Save.


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