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What are the different Search Types in Salesforce?

Knowledge Article Number 000175133
Description What are the main types of searches in Salesforce and what are the differences between them?
 There are two different types of searches in Salesforce. SOSL & SOQL. The chart below describes the differences. You can also click here to get more information on SOQL and SOSL
Full NameSalesforce Object Query LanguageSalesforce Object Search Language
Used In:List Views, Reports, Apex(Global, Sidebar, Advanced) Search, Apex
Indexing Happens:Synchronously (Can have Custom Indexes or Standard Indexes)Happens Asynchronously. Usually 2-3 min. If over 9000 records loaded at one time, the excess are moved to the bulk index queue. (slower).
Search Focus:Accuracy. Gives full set of results that match criteria. Relevance & Speed. Similar to Google Search. Weightage placed on recently viewed records. 
Search ScopeCan search 1 object at a time.Can search multiple objects at a time. 

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