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Deployment error (Lookup already has a filter) through IDE

Knowledge Article Number 000175194
When trying to deploy the standard object (for example Account) through IDE users get below error message as mentioned :
# Deploy Results: 
File Name: objects/Account.object 
Full Name: Account.nf_01IK0000000D9rJMAS_00NK0000000YABYMA4 
Action: NO ACTION 
Result: FAILED 
Problem: Lookup already has a filter

Resolution In this situation you should be aware, if you create a filtered lookup on a field that looks up to another object, both objects must be deployed into the organization at the same time. 

However there might a scenario where you may not be able to deploy even if both objects were deployed at the same time, nor if the filter was deactivated. If this doesn't work use the below Workaround :

You are supposed to delete a lookup filter on the Object that pointed to the Accounts object. This will resolve the issue and you will be able to deploy.


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