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Request a Data Export when the Salesforce Org is Locked

Knowledge Article Number 000175210
Description You can request a courtesy Data Export in the event that your organization has been locked, put on hold, or suspended.
Resolution To request a Data Export, please reach out to Salesforce Support with the following information:
1. What is Organization ID or username of the production instance needing the export? 
2. Are you the System Administrator authorized on behalf of this organization to request this export (A System Admin will need to login to retrieve the export file)? 
3. Do you have access to the System Admin email address on file for this org? If not, please see our process for changing the System Administrator.
Once Salesforce Support has received the above details, we will then initiate a full Data Export. Here's what you'll need to do:

Note: You may also receive a notification email once the Export is complete. If so, you can also use the link in the email to navigate to the login page and retrieve the export. The link is only active for 48-hours after completion of the export. 
1. Log in using your most recent username and password. 
2. Go to Setup | Data Management | Data Export
3. Click the Download link to download the .zip file to your computer.

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