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Error message, "Your mobile data is too complex to be synchronized."

Knowledge Article Number 000175211
Description If the mobile device displays this error "Your mobile data is too complex to be synchronized ", that means that the Mobile Configuration takes too long to be 'executed', we'll go over what you should do to try to resolve the error.

During first activation or during normal updates queries are performed. If all the necessary queries all together take longer than 2 minutes, you'll get the error message, "Your mobile data is too complex to be synchronized."

There's no suggestion on how to identify the most expensive 'filter' in the mobile configuration, but here are a few things the administrator should try:
  • change the filtering criteria per object
  • reduce the number of objects
  • simplify the layout for the mobilized objects
  • reduce the number of fields per object

After doing that, the Salesforce administrator can 'estimate size' (including the metadata) on the Mobile Console, to verify that the changes are enough to fix the problem. If they are not, the following error message is returned "The user's data size could not be estimated in the time limit allowed. A data set in this mobile configuration returns too much data or the data filters are too complex. Adjust the data sets and try again."

Alert icon Heads up - This error isn't device specific.

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