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Unable to Create the Report with the same Name

Knowledge Article Number 000175463
Description Report has been deleted. How to create a new report with the same name?

Steps to create the report with the same name:

A) If the report is available in recycle bin: 

      1) Undelete report from recycle bin. 

     2) Change the name of undeleted report to other name. 

     3) Create the new report with the Preferred Name.

     4) Save the report. 

B) If the report is been deleted from recycle bin:

      1) Use a different unique name


NOTE: When a report is deleted, it goes into the Recycle Bin. Even if we delete it from the Recycle Bin, it needs to be deleted from Salesforce Backup Servers

·          The Report might still exist in the SalesForce database which can cause the above error. 

·          Every weekend SFDC performs Cleansing activities for their data. Once it happens, you can create a new Report with the same name that you are looking for.

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