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Salesforce to Salesforce (S2S) transfer shows pending (sent)

Knowledge Article Number 000175486
Description You have created a S2S connection between 2 orgs and are trying to send records from one org to another.
The record is not transferred and when you try sending it again, there is a "Pending (sent)" notification in the Selected connections:

Avaliable Connection      Selected Connections                  
                                              Org B[Pending (sent)]

Resolution There might be some business rules (i.e validation rules, Required Field etc) in one system which might be preventing the creation of the record.

For example, in org A the Required field for opportunity might be Opportunity Name, Close Date and Stage while in org B it might be Opportunity Name, Close Date, Stage, Forecast Category and some other field like Amount. Now org A might send a record where Opportunity Name, Close Date and Stage are populated but when it went to org B it fails because Forecast Category  and Amount fields are null.

You will have to check the configuration and see if there are no validation rules etc that are preventing the Record Transfer within orgs.

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