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How can I login to my Sandbox with Salesforce for Outlook?

Knowledge Article Number 000175515
Description If you need to log into your Sandbox on your Salesforce for Outlook plug in, then you simply need to follow the steps below. Prior to doing this, please make sure that you are assigned to a configuration in your Sandbox
  1. Right click on the Salesforce plug in.
  2. A small pop up menu will appear and you need to click on the 'Settings' option here.
  3. The Settings page will now pop up and at the top of the page in "Connection" you will see a button which says 'Change User'. Click this. If you are not logged in, then you will simply see a log in page.
  4. At the top of this page there is a button which says 'Change URL'. Click on this button.
  5. You will see that there are three options available to you in the drop down menu. '', '' and 'Other...'. To connect with your Sandbox, you need to select the '' option.
  6. You will see now that the URL next to this button will change to
  7. You can now enter your Sandbox username and password.
  8. If this is a first time connection then click Allow. This creates a secure connection between Outlook and Salesforce. You won't have to log in again unless you encounter an error. If you click Deny, you'll return to the previous step.

You will now be logged in to your Sandbox on the Salesforce for Outlook plug in.

To assist you further please see attached screenshots.

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