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How to resize the long text area

Knowledge Article Number 000175562
Description This issue would be faced where the long text area context is huge and if the user wants to increase the size to avoid scroll bar to read the content

The long text field is used to enter content like Paragraphs or long phrase
* the long text box size could be resized as per the user requirement
* the customer could widen the long text area to view huge content without scrolling.
* this feature is available in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, Not supported in Internet Explorer
Resolution The following are the steps to enlarge the long text are in new comment field in case object:
  1. Click on the CASE object
  2. Click on the any Case number
  3. In the case details page , click on the button New in the case comment section
  4. On the right hand side bottom corner of the long text box, place the cursor and drag the box.
  5. Enter the text and click on SAVE
 Check screen shot1

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