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Disk I/O Error with Salesforce for Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000175577
Description Sometimes when starting SFO you will get an error that is referencing a "Disk I/O Error" (Disk Input/Output).

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Resolution If you get this error, often it means that it's looking for something in the %appdata% that is not there., and you will want  to clear this out. To do so, please check the following:

Windows 7/8/10:
1) Make sure Outlook and Salesforce for Outlook are closed.
2) Click on the Windows button to pull up the Windows start menu.
3) Type "%appdata%" in the search box that pulls up at the bottom and hit the Enter key.
4) This will take you to your Application Data folder (specifically, "Roaming"). Open the "" folder. 
5) Here, you will see a Salesforce for Outlook folder. Right-click, and rename it to "XXXXXSalesforce For Outlook" (or you can add the date to the folder, like  "Feb12013 Salesforce for Outlook" - we just need to change the name).
6) Restart SFO and Outlook. It should take you through the same preliminary setup steps you addressed when you first started the program. 

Renaming the folder provides two benefits. Salesforce for Outlook stores certain information on your computer in order to run as designed (such as sync history and error logs. When you start SFO, it looks for that "Salesforce for Outlook" folder. If it can not find a folder specifically named "Salesforce for Outlook", it will create a new one, from scratch, with only the default settings (meaning you would need to log in again so it would know your syncing preferences). Having it renamed to "XXXXXSalesforce for Outlook", it also keeps the old sync logs and other information that support would need to see if another issue arises. 

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