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Unknown Error received in Service Cloud Console upon clicking standard new buttons to create record.

Knowledge Article Number 000175600
Description When a user attempts to create a new record via the standard new buttons in the Service Cloud Console (SCC) they receive a pop up message stating "Unknown Error" and are unable to create a record.
Resolution If your organization uses record types check the affected user's assigned profile to ensure that a default record type is selected for the object that a user cannot create a record in.

To do this navigate to Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | Click the affected Profile's name | Locate the Record Type Settings section and the target object's available record types.  If you do not see (Default) specified next to an available record click the [ Edit ] link.

This will direct you to the "Edit Record Type Settings" setup section for the object and profile.  On this page you may see a selection of "--- None ---" in the Default Record Type picklist.  The value of "--- None ---" is not valid so you will need to change the selection to an available value and save.
After this has been completed attempt to create a new record for the affected object in the SCC to see if this resolved the unexpected behavior.  If you are still encountering the error after this please log a case with Support.

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