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Passing values from pre chat form to custom chat window in Live agent

Knowledge Article Number 000175643
User wants to pass visitors information onto chat window. Suppose,they have a prechat form, that asks for customer name, email address and a place to enter their request. 
Once they click “chat”, it takes customer to a new window, the actual “Chat Window” 
The chat window should display the text from the prior window. 
There are no visualforce tags or Live Agent methods that would allow you to display pre-chat data in the custom chat window or standard chat window. However, if you are using a custom chat window, then, you can use basic concepts in Web development to solve this problem. 
General recommendation: 
On the pre-chat page you could store the value in a cookie through javascript and then in the custom chat window you could access this cookie value through javascript and place it wherever you'd like within the custom chat visual force page.
This site has a simple example to set and read a cookie via javascript, should help: 

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