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Symbols and special characters show up in emails sent via Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000175689
Description There are some instances where Users will encounter junk symbols in emails sent via Salesforce, or on forms. For Example symbols like $ and ? show up in the middle of words (Especially in-between each word space).
Resolution Follow these steps to avoid junk /Special character in Emails:

Your Name / Setup / Personal Setup / My Personal Information / Personal Information  (users can also use the Setup search for the word "Personal Information")

Kindly check the email encoding set for this user. The e-mail encoding setting is used to determine the character set and encoding of outbound e-mail sent by the user from the Salesforce application.

Encoding ISO-8859-1 represents all Latin characters and is understood by virtually all receiving e-mail reader software. Users whose outbound e-mail contains English or other Western European languages should use this encoding.

Encoding UTF-8 can represent virtually all the characters in all the world's languages (Unicode), but is not supported by older receiving e-mail reader software. Users who need to send e-mail with non-Latin data (e.g., the Euro symbol, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.) should use this encoding.

Encodings Shift_JIS, EUC-JP and ISO-2022-JP are useful for users in Japan, but are not recommended for other users.

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