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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Topic Profile Visibility

Knowledge Article Number 000175706
Description There are three different types of Topic Profile Visibility options available within the Analysis Dashboard.
Resolution The Topic Profile Visibility options are Public, Private, or Project. Please note that Topic Profile Visibility can only be adjusted by the Topic Profile owner.

To change your Topic Profile Visibility

1. Log in to the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard
2. Go to Configuration | Topic Profiles | Select Topic Profile | Topic Profile Details Page
You can only see public Topic Profiles, project Topic Profiles that you are member of, or private Topic Profiles that you own here. You cannot see private Topic Profiles owned by other people or project Topic Profiles that you are not member of here. 
3.  Select the drop down menu next to the Visibility section.
4.. Choose the visibility option that works best for managing that Topic Profile.
Public: When a Topic Profile is set to Public, all users in the Client Environment are able to access the Topic Profile and create widgets using this profile within the Analysis Dashboard.
Private:  When a Topic Profile is set to Private,  only the Topic Profile Owner can view and create widgets from it within the Dashboard. It is hidden from all other users.
ProjectWhen a Topic Profile is set to a Project, it can be accessed by only the users specified in that Project. This is useful when you only want a specified set of users to have access to a Topic Profile.  Projects can be configured in the Analysis Dashboard under  Configuration | Projects
5. Click Save

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